60% of Android Malware Uses Unlicensed IP

05 Oct 2012
by David Jannetta
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The App Economy is growing, and so is the number of knock-off Apps. As App platforms grow, they will continue to attract fraudulent App developers. The game of cat and mouse was described by McAfee in a resent blog post:

“Malware authors appear to make lots of money with this type of fraud, so they are determined to continue improving their infrastructure, code, and techniques to try to avoid antivirus software. It’s an ongoing struggle, but we are constantly working to keep up with their advances.”

McAfee’s post estimates that over 60% of Android Apps are fake installers. The applications appear to be legitimate and include screenshots created from popular brands.

“When [the installer] is executed, it displays a service agreement that tells the user that one or more SMS’s will be sent; […] sends SMS messages to premium rate numbers, without the user’s consent, passing itself off as the installer for a legitimate application.”

IP Lasso offers proactive tools to track down Apps using your IP, before they attract a large number of downloads.

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