100,000 Android apps may pose security risks

07 Nov 2012
by David Jannetta
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Bit9, a global leader in mobile research, announced last week that more than 100,000 Android apps may pose security risks.
Bit9 found that 26 percent of the apps analyzed can access users’ personal data, including contacts and emails.

“A significant percentage of Google Play Store apps have access to potentially sensitive and confidential information,” said Harry Sverdlove, chief technology officer for Bit9.

Bit9 analyzed more than 400,000 apps within the Google Play marketplace, focusing on the permissions requested by these applications and the threat each vulnerability poses. Their report, “Pausing Google Play: More Than 100,000 Android Apps May Pose Security Risks” shows that:

  • 72 percent of all Android apps (more than 290,000) access at least one high-risk permission.
  • 71 percent of respondents say that their organization allows employee-owned devices to connect to their company’s network
  • 84 percent of respondents feel iOS is significantly more secure than Android.
  • 96 percent of respondents that allow employee-owned device access, allow employees to access company email using their personal device.
  • 26 percent of apps access private information such as email and contacts, with only 2 percent of apps being from highly trusted publishers.
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