Protecting Your Brand in the Age of Apps

08 May 2013
by James Westhafer
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Protecting Your Brand in the Age of Apps

Our increasingly mobile society relies heavily on smartphones, tablets and the availability of apps from the major online marketplaces. Some developers have taken this opportunity to turn a quick profit by using images, video, sounds and other media content of recognizable brands to promote their own mobile app. These apps result in lost revenue and present a privacy risk for some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

As Michael Graham points out in his articleProtecting Copyrighted Works in the Mobile App Space, well-known content creators like Pepsi Co. and Porsche must make a concerted effort to protect their intellectual property on mobile app marketplaces. Graham suggests that third party apps need to be monitored in order to identify infringing apps. The article finishes by detailing the take-down process used by companies to eliminate copyright-infringing apps.

The mobile app industry shows no signs of slowing down, and more mobile apps on the marketplace equates to more infringement potential for copyright owners. Being proactive in the marketplace will help mitigate the threats and save your company valuable time and money.

To read Michael Graham’s article from Intellectual Property Magazine, click here [PDF Link].

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