Apple App Store: 50 Billion App Downloads

12 Jun 2013
by James Westhafer
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Apple App Store: 50 Billion App Downloads

Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) kicked off Monday with the much-anticipated keynote speech. Sometimes called Apple’s “State of the Union”, the opening presentation is an opportunity for the tech giant to showcase new computing technologies and also update both developers and consumers on the current landscape of the consumer electronics market.

It’s hard to believe the Apple app store is not yet five years old. Released in July 2008 alongside the second iteration of the iPhone (3G), the App store was the first of its kind. Amidst the popularity of Apple’s introduction, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook followed suit developing their own platform for mobile apps. As of Apple’s keynote address on Monday, there were 900,00 apps live in the Apple App store and 50 billion app downloads since the store’s debut almost five years ago.

The app marketplace shows no signs of slowing down and will continue to present opportunities for both legitimate and fraudulent developers. Tim Cook may have said it best on Monday afternoon when he proclaimed that the app store has “fundamentally changed the world.”

To watch the full keynote address, click here.

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