McAfee: Android Malware in Fake Jay-Z App

08 Jul 2013
by Reggie Pierce
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McAfee: Android Malware in Fake Jay-Z App

McAfee is reporting that a malware infected fake version of Jay-Z’s much anticipated app has hit Android devices. The app contains political anti-NSA statements, and collects sensitive data from unsuspecting users. It appears identical to the official Jay-Z app created by Samsung.

On July 4th the official Samsung app revealed Jay-Z’s latest album. On the same day, the fake version started resetting phone wallpapers. The wallpapers contained anti-government sentiment including “We are watching you”, and “Obey Us”. In the background the app “sends info about the infected device to an external server every time the phone restarts”.

Fake apps have become a thorn in the side of brands looking to protect their image in the new “appmosphere”. Fraudsters target trusted brands, hoping that users familiar with brands like Jay-Z and Samsung will download an app without thinking.

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