Apple App Store Turns 5

10 Jul 2013
by James Westhafer
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Apple App Store Turns 5

It’s hard to remember a world without Instagram, Angry Birds and Evernote, but such a place existed only five short years ago. Today, July 10, marks the fifth anniversary of the Apple App store, a revolutionary digital application distribution platform that transformed the way society thought about mobile devices.

After initially offering 500 apps for download five years ago, the App store is quickly approaching one million active apps after reporting over 900,000 active apps in June 2013. These numbers alone are impressive; however, they do not account for activity in other app marketplaces. With Apple spearheading the mobile app movement in 2008, other big corporations soon followed suit as Google launched Google Play (formerly the Android Market) in October 2008, Amazon released the Appstore in March 2011 and Windows announced the new Windows Store in September 2011.

Market projections predict the app economy will be worth over $76 billion by 2016. This booming industry requires corporations to seize control of their mobile presence, or else be exposed to the actions of unlicensed developers looking to profit off these recognizable brand names.

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