Domain Market Share Decreases in Favor of Mobile Apps

17 Dec 2013
by Reggie Pierce
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Domain Market Share Decreases in Favor of Mobile Apps

As New gTLDs continue to dominate the trademark protection headlines, users are leaving the web for smartphone applications.

Nielsen’s latest report, TOPS OF 2013: DIGITAL, indicates that web traffic has decreased for the internets top websites. Meanwhile, there have been double digit increases in mobile app usage. The increase is most likely due to increased smartphone penetration. Nielsen states that smartphone usage “grew from 56 percent at the start of 2013 to nearly two-thirds (65%) of U.S. mobile subscribers by October 2013, and a majority of subscribers used Android (52%) or iOS (41%) smartphones.”

As trademark owners continue to allocate hundreds of thousands of dollars to New gTLDs, many are being caught off guard by unlicensed mobile apps. Infringing app developers are aware of the shift towards mobile, and frequently abuse the world’s top trademarks to attract downloaders. These apps collect private information, advertising revenue, and cash by duping users into paying for what appear to be legitimate apps.

Often all that stands between a user and what appears to be trusted brand name is an “install” button that is pre-linked to a credit card. While the average internet user has become savvy at detecting whether they are being directed to a fraudulent website, smartphone users still retain a high level of trust in mobile apps.

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