Super Bowl Goes Mobile

13 Feb 2014
by iplassomain
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Super Bowl Goes Mobile

The Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos played Super Bowl XLVIII in front of 112.1 million TV viewers this year, making the 2014 NFL championship the most watched television program in United States history. Impressive in its own right, this statistic doesn’t include the millions of other viewers who streamed the game live on the FOX Sports Go mobile app. Averaging 525,000 viewers per minute and peaking at 1.1 million simultaneous users in the third quarter, FOX’s mobile simulcast became the most-watched live stream of a single sports event in history.

Following in the footsteps of successful sports streaming apps like WatchESPN and CBSSports, FOX opted to stream the game on mobile devices, continuing a trend that has seen broadcast giants transition towards more interactive television. In the lead up to Super Bowl Sunday, the official FOX Sports app (FOX Sports Go) was the number one installed app on the iTunes app store. More users are instinctively searching for sporting events on tablets and phones, preferring the flexibility of a mobile device to the immobility of a traditional television set.

While users certainly enjoy the transportability of mobile streaming, they must be aware of potential scams in the app marketplace. IP Lasso ran an AppGuard search across the major app stores for apps with “Super Bowl”, or “SuperBowl” in the title, returning 93 results. Of those 93 apps, 6 appear to be authentic Super Bowl apps while 87 (or 94%) appear to be unlicensed. Before your team’s next big game, make sure you check the developer and permissions of the live streaming app before hitting the download button.


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