Windows Phone Store Tops 300,000 Apps

11 Aug 2014
by Reggie Pierce
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Windows Phone Store Tops 300,000 Apps

The Windows Phone Store now contains over 300,000 apps, and its growth is accelerating. Microsoft published the new total on its by the Numbers page on Friday, and a Microsoft spokesperson confirmed the count to TNW.

The spokesperson added, “In the past year alone the Windows and Windows Phone app catalog has grown 94%, while the number of active developers has grown by 50%.”

The numbers do seem to be rising quickly for Microsoft, which had only 100,000 apps in its Windows Phone store in June 2012 and 200,000 in December 2013. Although the figure was announced on Friday, the store reached 300,000 apps in late June, meaning 100,000 apps were uploaded in just six months.

As growth of the Windows Phone Store continues to pick up speed, we expect to see increasing numbers of fraudulent or “knockoff” apps. There have previously been reports of knockoff versions of Siri, Instagram, and Tinder on the Windows Phone Store.

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