Snapchat Blames Leak of ‘Private’ Photos on Third-Party Apps

13 Oct 2014
by David Jannetta
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Snapchat Blames Leak of ‘Private’ Photos on Third-Party Apps

The Wall Street Journal reports that Snapchat blamed unauthorized apps for recently intercepting and posting tens of thousands of photos shared privately on its service. The Journal notes that this incident “shines a light on the dangers of using unofficial third-party apps to share private messages and photos.”

We love apps at IP Lasso. And we’ve been highlighting the fact that using unofficial third party (i.e. counterfeit) apps for anything is dangerous. This Snapchat incident shows the damage counterfeit apps can do to a major brand.

We hate to see companies spend millions of dollars to build their brands, only to have them ripped off in the app marketplaces.

For example, who doesn’t admire IKEA? Most of us have furnished a dorm room or apartment with something from this iconic store. On a recent scan of app marketplaces, we came across a disturbing third party app, “Ikea Shooter,” which advertised itself with the IKEA logo and allowed users to shoot virtual opponents in an IKEA parking lot. The app was removed a few months later, but that is certainly not the image IKEA wants to project for its brand.

Our hope is that companies proactively clean up their brands in the app marketplaces before something unfortunate happens. Waiting until something bad happens just doesn’t make sense.

Note: Snapchat and IKEA are not IP Lasso clients


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