Snapchat Removes Clones

23 Dec 2014
by Carol Wong
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Snapchat Removes Clones

Snapchat finally seems to be taking its users’ privacy more seriously, but at a cost; many users are upset at the sweeping action taken this week to remove all unauthorized Snapchat apps from the Windows Phone store.

Apps like 6Snap were popular among Windows Phone users, who have no official Snapchat app available to them. This lack of support from Snapchat has even led to a petition that has 4,767 signatures at the time of this writing, and a new Snapchat clone, 3snap, has been uploaded in the days since Snapchat took action.

Despite the fact that Snapchat blamed unauthorized apps for the leak of tens of thousands of its users’ supposedly private photos in October 2014, the company has allowed SnapSave to remain on the Windows Phone store. This $1.49 app allows people to save picture messages that are supposed to disappear, and is still available at the time of this writing.

Considering the dangerous amounts of information that unauthorized apps can sometimes access in users’ devices, it is good that Snapchat has taken steps to protect its users. However, removing all unofficial apps before providing an official alternative may alienate the Windows Phone community, and must feel to many loyal Snapchat fans a bit like being punished just for owning a Windows Phone and wanting to use the popular messaging service. Even more alienating is Snapchat’s move to suspend the accounts of people who used unofficial apps to send messages.

As companies continue to become more engaged with the mobile privacy of their customers, it is clear they will have to navigate a minefield of obstacles in order to balance their customers’ happiness and safety. Brand owners concerned about how mobile threats are affecting your customers can contact IP Lasso for a consultation.

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