Apple App Store Sales Up 50%

09 Jan 2015
by David Jannetta
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Apple App Store Sales Up 50%

Apple App Store revenues have increased 50% to around $15 billion in 2014, up from over $10 billion in 2013. This data comes as part of Apple’s initiative to emphasize its positive impact on the US economy, but it also highlights some important comparisons with Google’s Play Store.

In the third quarter of 2014, about 84% of smartphones shipped ran Google’s Android platform, which it makes freely available to smartphone manufacturers and cellular carriers. This compares to 12% for Apple handsets, according to research firm IDC.

Sales from the Google Play store totaled only about $7 billion in the 13 months preceding June 2014, the company said. Both Apple and Google keep 30% of every dollar paid to their app stores in the form of direct app sales or in-app purchases.

App Annie notes that Apple’s App Store sales were 60% higher in Q3 2014 than those of Google’s Play Store, despite Android users downloading 60% more apps. This is likely due to the lowered barriers to entry for developers wishing to publish apps on Google’s platform compared to that of Apple.

Although Apple mobile devices are not without security risks, the ease of publishing apps for Android and proliferation of the platform in general make it more appealing for developers seeking to publish fraudulent or intellectual property infringing apps. At IP Lasso, we will continue to closely watch developments impacting brand safety and smartphone user security as Apple, Google, and other mobile players vie for the top spots in revenue and market share.

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