Introducing Our New Website and U-Marketplaces

13 Feb 2015
by Reggie Pierce
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Introducing Our New Website and U-Marketplaces

With the launch of our new website, we are pleased to announce that we now monitor 14 u-marketplaces for our clients. IP Lasso coined the term u-marketplace™ to describe the growing number of user-created content marketplaces appearing in the mobile and online world.

At IP Lasso, we are excited by the opportunity for disruptive new technologies and products to take off on the app stores or online merchandise stores. However, we also recognize that the open nature of u-marketplaces makes them ripe targets for fraud and intellectual property infringement. We are committed to protecting brands across u-marketplaces, and will continue to add new ones to our dashboard.

If you are concerned about protecting your brand in the u-marketplaces, simply request a demo or drop us a note; we would like to hear from you.

IP Lasso is featured in the Philadelphia Business Journal today, and that article can be viewed here.

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