With Windows 10 Coming, Expect More Xbox One Apps

18 Feb 2015
by Reggie Pierce
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With Windows 10 Coming, Expect More Xbox One Apps

Soon anyone with an Xbox One will be able to develop apps for it. This summer, according to The Verge, Microsoft will allow retail Xbox One units to be turned into developer kits. Currently only a small number of developers are allowed to create apps for the incredibly popular game console, so this new open policy from Microsoft is expected to bring a large influx of apps to the platform.

To prepare for the increased flow of apps, Microsoft is said to be overhauling its app submission process. This is also part of the company’s preparation for the release of Windows 10, which will bring the separate Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox One app platforms together under one roof, with universal apps running across the three device types. The release date of Windows 10 has not been confirmed by Microsoft, but is expected in November.

IP Lasso currently protects brands on the Windows Phone and Windows 8 stores, and plans to support app monitoring and enforcement for Windows 10 once it is released.

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