Microsoft Universal App Store Unveiled

20 Jul 2015
by Peter Gordon
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Microsoft Universal App Store Unveiled

In February we did a blog post discussing Microsoft’s decision to allow Xbox One units to be turned into developer kits, thereby encouraging developers to bring a large influx of apps to the platform. This was part of the company’s preparation for the release of Windows 10, which will bring the separate Windows Phone, Windows 8, and Xbox One platforms together under one roof.

Microsoft has now officially opened its universal app store, a first step in combining all of these platforms. CNet reports that with universal apps, “Windows developers can create an app once using the same core programming code and then simply tweak the app to run on PC’s, tablets and phones.”

In theory this move will allow users a greater variety and number of apps, regardless of the device they use.  Although still a work in progress, the new universal app store has the potential to greatly expand the number of apps across the Microsoft ecosystem.

IP Lasso will continue to follow these developments and will monitor the new platform for our clients. If you have any questions about the universal platform or any of the u-marketplaces IP Lasso monitors, please give us a call.

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