Researchers and Fraudsters can Take Control of Android Phones

09 Aug 2015
by David Jannetta
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Researchers and Fraudsters can Take Control of Android Phones

With the close of the Black Hat USA 2015 InfoSec conference this week, we are able to pass along a presentation by Check Point researchers that demonstrates extreme vulnerabilities in millions of Android devices.

These vulnerabilities “…allow malicious applications to gain unrestricted access to a device silently, elevating their privileges to allow access to the user data and perform a variety of actions usually only available to the device owner.”

Both Google and Samsung urged Android users to get their apps from reliable sources. A Google spokesman told Engadget “we strongly encourage users to install applications from a trusted source, such as Google Play.”

Of course, anyone who reads this blog regularly knows that there are a large number of counterfeit apps in Google Play as well as all of the app stores. That’s why we encourage brand owners to monitor these marketplaces on a regular basis and weed out those which infringe on their IP or those with malware.

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