News Corp CEO Criticizes Google for Piracy

16 Aug 2015
by David Jannetta
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News Corp CEO Criticizes Google for Piracy

Speaking at a Lowery Institute Media Awards event this week, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson lashed out at Google, among others, accusing it of “piracy, zealotry and kleptocracy” for not properly recognizing nor compensating for well-resourced reporting.

Of course, pirating news stories is just part of the growing problem of IP theft and abuse online and in the mobile marketplaces. We continue to be astounded at the depth and breadth of piracy we see in the myriad of u-marketplaces- including Google Play, iTunes, Samsung App Store, and Windows Phone Store as well as hard goods sites such as Redbubble and Etsy.

On any given day we find multiple examples of IP infringement in all of the marketplaces for our clients- including mobile gaming companies, movie studios, pharmaceuticals, music publishers, software companies, sports leagues, and luxury goods manufacturers, just to name a few. We see the pent up frustration of our clients at the lax enforcement, and slow take down processes, of many of these giant distribution channels, all of whom benefit financially from the piracy on their sites.

Perhaps Mr. Thompson’s speech will encourage others to speak out. The goal should be to rein in the pirates and compensate those who actually create, not just copy, the content consumers are looking for.

All brand owners are affected by piracy. We would be happy to provide a free consultation to demonstrate our ability to keep your brands safe and secure in the growing u-marketplaces across the globe.

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