It’s Official: Mobile Apps Now More Popular Than TV

04 Oct 2015
by David Jannetta
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A new report from Flurry Insights has made headlines: “For the first time ever, time spent inside mobile applications by the average US consumer has exceeded that of TV.”

Apps now reign supreme as the top media channel in the United States.

The 198 average daily minutes consumers spent on mobile apps does not include 22 minutes a day spent on a mobile browser- itself a mobile app. If you add that in, then consumers spent 220 minutes per day using mobile apps- far exceeding time spent watching TV.

Flurry went on to estimate that globally, in-app purchases will exceed $33B, and mobile ads will generate sales of $31B in 2015.

This all is certainly good news for Apple. A few weeks ago we wrote about the new Apple TV- quoting the company’s website proclaiming: “Apps are the future of television”.

But it also should be a huge wake-up call for brand owners who have ignored the app marketplaces. Fraudsters are increasingly attracted to the mobile world precisely because they recognize these trends, and they always follow the money.

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