IP Lasso Adds Image Matching and Feature Extraction Capability

02 Nov 2015
by Peter Gordon
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IP Lasso Adds Image Matching and Feature Extraction Capability

We are pleased to announce that IP Lasso has integrated Image Matching and Feature Extraction (IMFE) capabilities into our world class u-marketplace monitoring platform.

This feature allows our clients to detect listings using imagery containing their logos, artwork, and products. Additionally, we’ve implemented optical character recognition, allowing our software to detect trademark violations within imagery. This will provide brand owners another significant tool to track down and take action against fraudulent activity.

IP Lasso already monitors for key words and phrases in over 15 million listings on a daily basis. IMFE will allow us to discover even more malicious listings for our clients – increasing the safety and security of their brands we protect, as well as their revenues.

If you would like to see how IP Lasso can use Image Matching and Feature Extraction to assist you in your brand protection efforts, drop us a note for a  free consultation to see how we might help you.




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