Apple OS X and iOS Malware on the Rise

11 Dec 2015
by David Jannetta
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Apple OS X and iOS Malware on the Rise

Cyber-criminals are increasingly targeting Apple devices and 2016 will see a rise in attacks on its operating systems, security experts suggest.

Symantec’s just released report titled “The Apple Threat Landscape” warns that “a rising number of threat actors have begun developing malware designed to infect devices running MacOS X or iOS.”

The report states that the amount of malware aimed at Apple’s mobile operating system has more than doubled this year. Even though traditionally iOS has been walled off and relatively safe in the past, the security threats are growing as attackers are finding ways in, even on iPhones that are not jailbroken.

While the report found that the vast majority of mobile malware is targeted at Android devices, iOS is no longer immune. “Apple is an obvious target for cybercriminals because its products are so popular,” said Dick O’Brien, a researcher at Symantec.

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