App Pirates Plead Guilty

05 May 2016
by David Jannetta
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The US Department of Justice announced on Monday that two Android app pirates pled guilty in January for their scheme “to distribute more than four million pirated copies of copyrighted Android apps with a total retail value of more than $17million.”

The DOJ press release went on to detail:

“… the conspirators identified themselves as members of the Applanet Group.  From May 2010 through August 2012, they conspired to reproduce and distribute more than four million copies of copyrighted Android apps through the Applanet alternative online market without permission from the victim copyright owners, who would otherwise sell copies of the apps on legitimate online markets for a fee.  On Aug. 21, 2012, the FBI seized the Applanet website, which marked the first seizure of the domain name for a website involving a mobile device app marketplace.”

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