Google and Anti-Piracy

21 Jul 2016
by David Jannetta
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Google and Anti-Piracy

Google just published an updated report detailing its anti-piracy efforts, and it maintains that it’s doing a lot to fight bootleggers, especially in the music industry. However, an Engadget report quotes sources in the music industry that say Google is doing little to block stolen content on YouTube.

But Google claims its Content ID system (which can automatically claim copyrighted material for licensing or takedowns) has paid over $2 billion to copyright owners since launch, and about 98 percent of copyright action uses it — just 2 percent comes down to formal copyright removal notices.

Our experience is that Google rarely screens for copyright infringement before adding apps to their Google Play Store, and this creates significant issues for brand owners. If you would like a brand report to see how your stack up in Google Play and over 40 other marketplaces, send us note and we’ll prepare one for you for free.

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