Fake Prisma Apps Downloaded 1.5 Million Times

11 Aug 2016
by David Jannetta
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Research firm WeLiveSecurity just posted an article announcing that fake Prisma apps “flooded the Google Play Store” before the Android version of the popular iOS app was even released.

Researchers found “fake Prisma apps of different types, including several dangerous trojan downloaders. The Google Play security team removed them from the official Android store at ESET’s notice. Prior to that point, Prisma copycats reached over 1.5 million downloads by fans.”

The article noted the lack of any photo editing functionality of the fake Prisma apps, saying that most displayed ads or fake surveys in an attempt to lure users into providing personal information. However, five Trojan downloaders were discovered, luring the user to enter their Google account credentials into a fake login form.

We continually urge our clients to make sure an app store is cleared of fake apps before launching a new app in a specific marketplace. This is especially true if the app is already popular in another app store.

At IP Lasso, we work very hard every day to make sure brand owners do not end up in the situation where their apps are pirated. For a free brand report or demonstration, please contact us.

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