Smartphone Apps Make up 50% Of Americans’ Time On Digital Devices

09 Sep 2016
by David Jannetta
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The research firm comScore’s latest study says that in July, smartphone apps accounted for 50 percent of the time Americans were online, an amount that rose from about 46 percent last year.

“While the smartphone app has been the most important access vehicle to the internet for some time, growing its share to a point where it now eclipses all other digital media platforms combined speaks to just how central to our lives the smartphone has become,” comScore wrote in a blog post.

The reasons for the growth in smartphone app usage are no surprise:

“The high usage of smartphone apps compared to other media touchpoints shouldn’t come as much of a shock when you think about your daily online behavior. Chances are when you want to know what’s happening around the world, or in pop culture, or in your friends’ lives, your first move is to reach into your pocket and open one of the number of different social apps on your phone. And unless you already happen to be sitting at a computer, a smartphone app is probably your first option when you decide to listen to music, get directions to a destination, check the weather or catch up on email,” the report noted.

“The convenience factor is simply too powerful. You almost always have your smartphone on you, and apps allow you to immediately access a service in one simple tap of the screen.”

The report certainly reinforces the importance of apps for brand owners.  For a free consultation and Brand Report, drop us a note.

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