GIF Keyboards: Infringement at Your Fingertips

23 Sep 2016
by Reggie Pierce
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GIF Keyboards: Infringement at Your Fingertips

The recently released iOS 10 Messages app can quickly search for and send animated GIFs directly to contacts.

The feature has been available from third parties in the past, but now it’s packaged into every iPhone.

While the legality of using IP in animated GIFs is still up for interpretation, it’s never been easier to quickly insert artwork created by others into your everyday messaging. For companies that rely on keyboards and online video for revenue, these results should be concerning.

To show exactly how easy it is to access content, we’ve reverse engineered both Apple and Google’s keyboards and created the following demos:

NFLApple iOS 10 Keyboard
NFLGoogle Gboard

Harry PotterApple iOS 10 Keyboard
Harry PotterGoogle Gboard

McDonaldsApple iOS 10 Keyboard
McDonaldsGoogle Gboard

To try the demo yourself, click here, or see below. If your company needs assistance having these removed from Apple or Google’s keyboards, please reach out to IP Lasso.

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