The Mac App Store Is Full Of Scams

30 Nov 2016
by Reggie Pierce
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The Mac App Store Is Full Of Scams

A new post by How-To Geek goes into great detail about how Apple’s “walled garden” fails to protect users from being scammed.

They detail examples of top results for searches such as “Microsoft Excel” and “Office Bundle”. The top results for “Office Bundle” gets you a $30 collection of templates- all useless without Microsoft Office.

The article notes that people were deceived, and goes on to say:

“These customers were ripped off, and Apple pocketed $10 each. Search for other Office applications and you’ll find more template bundles, disguised as official applications to varying degrees.”

The writer focused on Microsoft Office because this is a particularly egregious example. But a search for “Indesign”, “Firefox” or “Chrome” gets equally deceptive apps in return.

“The point is that the App Store, which is supposed to protect users from deception, doesn’t seem to be doing a great job at that. There’s a lot of nonsense offered inside the walled garden.”

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