A New Year Brings More Spam From Fake Financial Apps

06 Jan 2017
by David Jannetta
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India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently announced the launch of a new BHIM mobile app which enables citizens to make digital payments and transactions.

Newsite BGR wrote that “Since its launch, the Android app has been gaining popularity with more than 3 million downloads and has also hit the top charts on the Google Play Store. While the app is growing in popularity, the Play Store is getting flooded with multiple fake versions of the BHIM app.”

Actually, over 40 fake versions of the financial transaction app appeared on the Store within a few weeks, with hundreds of thousands of fakes downloaded by unsuspecting users. The Financial Express wrote:

“BHIM app is the Indian government’s latest app to push India towards a cashless or ‘less-cash’ society. After downloading the BHIM app from the Play store, the user has to register his/her bank account and set up a UPI Pin for it. So, beware before downloading fake apps or accepting unknown payments.”

At IP Lasso, we are constantly monitoring our Clients apps in the worldwide marketplaces to identify and remove fakes before they become a problem. If you would like a free brand report to see how your intellectual property is being presented, drop us a note.

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