Demand Surges in India & China For Google Play and iOS Apps

03 Feb 2017
by David Jannetta
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According to a recent BBC report, India jumped ahead of the US to become the nation that downloaded the most apps from Google’s Play Store in 2016, according to analytics firm App Annie.

The report also claimed “that China became the biggest source of revenue for Apple’s iOS App Store for the first time.” It went on to note:

“Google and Apple both take a cut of software sales and in-app fees from third-parties that publish on their respective platforms. Their differing successes are explained by the fact that Google Play does not operate in China, while iPhones have a much smaller share of the Indian market than they do in most other countries.”

App Annie said more than 90 billion apps were downloaded via the two stores over the year.

“The popularity of Google Play downloads in India is linked to the fact that the nation became the world’s second largest smartphone market in 2016, according to the United Nations, based on the number of people with mobile data subscriptions.

Only China has more users, but because of local restrictions they mostly download Android apps from marketplaces run by local tech firms such as Baidu, Tencent and Huawei.”

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