Google Set to Remove Millions of Play Store Apps Next Month

16 Feb 2017
by David Jannetta
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The Next Web recently reported that Google has started warning developers that their apps have been flagged for a lack of an adequate privacy policy.

The targeted apps are generally counterfeit and take the form of a knock off of a popular game, movie character, or any number of major brands. These fake apps turn up alongside legitimate apps, which makes them hard to spot if you’re not doing a thorough analysis.

The Next Web noted:

“One of the most common gripes among Android developers — aside from segmentation issues — is that of a crowded marketplace that makes it difficult at times to find what you’re looking for. Google’s coming purge — as perhaps a welcome side effect to consumer privacy concerns that forced the issue — helps to clear the noise and help users find the signal, or the app, in this case.”

App developers have until March 15 to make the privacy policy addition, or Google warns “administrative action will be taken to limit the visibility of your app, up to and including removal from the Play Store.” It’s unclear how many letters were sent out, but The Next Web estimates it could affect millions of apps.

It is well known that the Play Store is littered with apps of questionable repute, and many of them have flown under Google’s radar for too long. We will continue to monitor Google’s progress in this effort, and keep you informed of their success.

At IP Lasso, we are constantly monitoring our Clients apps in the worldwide marketplaces to identify and remove fakes before they become a problem. If you would like a free brand report to see how your intellectual property is being presented, drop us a note.


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