Mobile App Economy: Worth $139 Billion in 2021

17 Apr 2017
by David Jannetta
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As the app economy continues to flourish, App Annie predicts major gains in the next five years in its recently released forecast for 2021. Its 2021 estimate of $139 billion is up considerably from the $82.2 billion estimated revenue for 2017.


app annie economy


Apple’s iOS App Store is projected to continue to be the number one app store for the next five years, and is on pace to generate more than $60 billion in 2021. However, App Annie says that by taking all the Android application stores into account, the overall consumer spend for Android should pass iOS this year.

The report also notes that looking deeper:

China will stay as the top country in the world for app downloads, with an expected 130 billion in 2021, more than twice the amount it had in 2016. India will take second place from the United States which will be third, followed by Brazil and Indonesia — both more than doubling their current download numbers.

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