More Malware Infected Apps Found In Google Play

29 Jun 2017
by David Jannetta
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Just last week we wrote about a malware called Xavier, embedded in popular Google Play Store apps, that steals and leaks user’s information.

Now comes word that a family of Android malware called Ztorg has been able to “sneak past Google’s automated malware checks almost 100 times since September,” according to a report in Arstechnica.

The report went on to note:

Most Ztorg apps are notable for their ability to use well-known exploits to root infected phones. This status allows the apps to have finer-grain control and makes them harder to be removed. Ztorg apps are also concerning for their large number of downloads. A Ztorg app known as Privacy Lock, for instance, received one million installations before Google removed it last month.

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