A $6 Trillion App Marketplace?

19 Jul 2017
by David Jannetta
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App Annie’s latest market forecast projects an astounding $6.35 trillion app economy by 2021. The company’s data shows that in 2016, the total app spend was $1.31T across the three major types of monetization: all mobile app stores, in-app advertising and mobile commerce.

The app user base is also expected to see a significant rise. App Annie says the global app user base was 3.4 billion in 2016, but will come close to doubling by 2021, when it predicts 6.3 billion users.

Average spending across the app industry will also increase. According to App Annie, the average in 2016 was $379 per person, but by 2021, the prediction is for the average to reach $1,008 per person. This includes app stores, ads, and mobile commerce combined.


According to App Annie’s Danielle Levitas:

“Looking ahead to the year 2021, App Annie forecasts that the app economy will be worth trillions as users globally spend more time in apps, smartphone use booms in developing regions and robust in-app advertising and mobile commerce spend become core parts of daily mobile life. This growth will be driven primarily by two factors: a device user base that will nearly double and increased time spent in apps as mobile continues to play an increasingly integral part in daily life across the globe.”

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