Amazon Needs To Fix Counterfeit Problem

04 Jun 2018
by David Jannetta
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An Engadget post recently cautioned that buying from Amazon does not guarantee that the product you are buying is genuine.

Since May 2016, The Counterfeit Report (TCR), an advocacy group that works with brands to detect fake goods, has found around 58,000 counterfeit products on Amazon.

The post noted that “the worst part is that some of them bear the seemingly trustworthy Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) label. But all that really means is that the company is acting as the middleman between you and the actual seller.” The post continued:

When Amazon is questioned about it, it tends to downplay the issue and shift the blame to third-party sellers. Legally, Amazon has no need to take down counterfeit products, since it often uses its Fulfilled by Amazon service as a shield against any sort of liability. With FBA, Amazon takes care of the entire transaction between sellers and customers. It stores, ships and processes payments, but the only thing it doesn’t do is claim to be the owner — and that’s what keeps it from being held accountable.

TCR says that the total number of fakes on Amazon could be much higher than 58,000, since that accounts for only brands it represents. IP Lasso has managed to have thousands of our clients’ items taken down from Amazon in the past year.

We previously wrote about Apple’s lawsuit against Mobile Star claiming it bought more than 100 Lightning cables and chargers marked as “Fulfilled by Amazon” over a period of nine months and that about 90 percent of those were fake.

The post concluded that “customers tend to trust listings that are sold under the Fulfilled by Amazon branding, but cases like these suggest that maybe they shouldn’t. This is why it’s essential that Amazon tackle the issue head-on.”

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