Malicious Android Malware Discovered

Malicious Android Malware Discovered

29 Oct 2019
by David Jannetta
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A new piece of Malware, which is being called “Agent Smith” has recently been discovered in certain apps that are being downloaded through a third-party app store called “9 Apps”, according to security firm Check Point.

This malware is replacing portions of popular apps such as WhatsApp, with its own code. Researchers say that Agent Smith has infected almost 25 million devices worldwide. The majority of these devices are being found in and around India, due to 9 apps being a popular platform in that area. There have been 300,000 infected devices in the US as well.

“Agent Smith” hacks apps and forces ads to be displayed so that the developers can monetize from the fraudulent exposure and views of these ads. It is said that a Chinese company is responsible for developing Agent Smith. They are trying to expand their reach to the Google Play Store, but so far Google has removed all infected apps.

App developers can avoid this malware hack by keeping their apps updated to take advantage of new and evolving added protections. If you would like a free report on how your intellectual property is being presented in various marketplaces, please drop us a note.

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